BLUEDIAMOND® Condensate Pumps are now available from BDT

BLUEDIAMOND® condensate removal pumps are designed, tested and manufactured in the U.K. meeting a strict approach to quality (ISO 9001).

Utilising patented rotary diaphragm and GyRok™ technology, BLUEDIAMOND® pumps offer a new approach to quietly and reliably remove large quantities of condensate.


The BLUEDIAMOND® Range has a number of advantages over existing pumps on the market including:

  • Small to high flow rate performance depending on application (can be suited to your needs)
  • The pump can continuously run dry
  • Quick and easy two-piece assembly
  • Electronic sensing technology which eliminates the need for float switches
  • No siphoning device to install or premature failure

Dual Pumping technology

In particular, the MICROBLUE™ Condensate Pump features unique trademarked GyRok™ Technology with dual pumping motion that shares the workload and can continuously run dry, and pump debris – a factor that will often clog up condensate pumps. The MICROBLUE™ is also available with an integral high-level alarm for more critical applications.

Specifying your pump

BLUEDIAMOND® Drain Pumps have a type suitable for all ranges and installations available below. Working on the basis that for every 1 L/HR of condensate produced, it will equal 1kW of cooling. For example, a 10kW air conditioning unit will produce 10 L/HR of condensate.

The MICROBLUE™ is the only ductless pump on the market that can remove sediment/debris with no need for filters or regular servicing intervals.

A smooth flow rate from the MICROBLUE™ eliminates the necessity for any pulsating-free tubing and silencing devices.

All of the BLUEDIAMOND® Pumps have the ability to run dry without burning out; enabling them to remove any liquids and prevents organic growth inside the tubing.

With the MICROBLUE™ starting from 17dbA, BLUEDIAMOND® Condensate Pumps are whisper quiet in all stages of operation; not only when set to Quiet Mode or relying on a soft start setting.

Plug in and wireless connections to review pump history or run times before premature failures are not needed due to proven inherently reliable Rotary Diaphragm Technology.

The MAXIBLUE® PRO package is the perfect solution for specifiers and architects. Equipped with everything you need to fit your pump the MAXIBLUE® PRO will save you time when integrating with Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps into your design.

The MAXIBLUE® PRO utilises inherently reliable Rotary Diaphragm Technology. This means it can pump air, liquid and sediment at the same time without burnouts or failures; a feature that you wouldn’t see in common peristaltic pumps.

No servicing, no maintenance, no replacement parts. Nothing! A true fit and forget condensate pump.

Non-modular installation with minimum components when setting up. Fewer components mean less time wasted on installation. No siphoning devices or check valves required.

BLUEDIAMOND ® Technology can deal with the variable outputs of condensate without the need for additional sensors or overly complex performance settings.

BLUEDIAMOND ® Pumps are the only manufacturer of patented Rotary Diaphragm and GyRok™ Technology.

BLUEDIAMOND® Pumps come with a 3-year warranty as standard or 5-year warranty when installed with a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump.

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