Introducing BMS - Black Diamond Controls

BDT Introduces Black Diamond Controls – Building Management System from Mitsubishi Electric.

Black Diamond Controls from Mitsubishi Electric are powered by the industry leading Niagara Framework®, designed to integrate diverse building systems and devices into one seamless Building Management System. The Niagara Framework® is a strong and secure software platform which is customisable, upgradable and scalable, meaning it can be as simple or advanced as a user wants.

Why BMS?

A Building Management System provides a single centralised point of control and monitoring for multiple building systems:

Key Features

  • Integrates HVAC, lighting, fire, access control, security systems and more.
  • Provides history logging, alarm reporting, email paging, energy management & monitoring, weather compensation, plant optimisation, time scheduling, after-hours zone control.
  • Standardised user interface, with configurable user access levels. Representations of equipment, regardless of manufacturer, can be displayed in a standardised and familiar format.

Customisable graphical user interface

With the ability to customise the graphical user interface to suit the client’s requirements, BDT can deliver a detailed yet user friendly experience for all users. Black Diamond Controls makes monitoring a building or campus remarkably simple, reducing human error and the time it takes to navigate the system.

Remote access from anywhere

The BMS can be accessed at any time from any location if configured appropriately, with the user interface accessible via any web browser. The ability to configure secure remote system access provides a simple solution for initial service support by offsite service technicians. User access and control levels can be independently configured to restrict control and monitoring of systems depending on access level.

Comprehensive monitoring and system analysis

The displayed history logging, reports and analysis reveal in real time how the building’s systems are reacting to user behaviour, building conditions and ambient conditions. This offers users valuable oversight of system performance and quickly alerts users to any potential system faults.

Proprietary Integration

The Black Diamond Controls DC-8000 allows advanced proprietary integration with Mitsubishi Electric City Multi units by providing access to detailed system parameters:

  • Utilise existing City Multi Room Controllers to extend functionality to other building systems. For example, the Integrated Occupancy and Lighting Sensors in a PAR-U02MEDA-J could be used to start an Exhaust Fan or enable zone lighting on other integrated HVAC and lighting control systems.
  • Ability for detailed system operation information and the possibility to remotely diagnose system conditions. View parameter information similar to what is available with the service tool. Integration with 3rd party devices

BDT also offers a range of BACnet Controllers to allow integration of low level control points in to the Building Management System in applications where third party devices are utilised. These applications may include plant items such as air handling units, boiler systems and pump control.

The BDT one stop shop total solution

Working with a single company for system design, product supply, service and technical support removes typical frustrations associated with integrating multiple building systems. BDT can now offer a Building Management System that natively integrates our diverse product range alongside third party devices. Ventilation products, VRF, chilled water, Ecodan, energy monitoring and more can now be integrated into a single unified platform to provide monitoring and control. With this level of system integration the scope for energy performance optimisation can be increased.

Case Study: BDT Head Office

BDT’s Head Office in Wellington provided an ideal case study site to implement a functional Building Management System and demonstrate integration capabilities with numerous product groups. The BMS demonstrates the high level integration features of the Black Diamond Controls DC-8000 with the City Multi Product Range in the Wellington showroom. From it we can see the detailed service information available and demonstrate customisable functionality such as Zone After-Hours Control from a single City Multi Room Controller or from an Integrated Occupancy Sensor.

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